About the Metro College Success Program

The Metro College Success Program (Metro) uses targeted outreach to support first-generation, low-income and/or historically underrepresented students in their success at San Francisco State University. Each Metro is a learning community with personalized in-class academic support, advising and tutoring.

Why Metro?

Adjusting to college can be challenging. Learning in a small, supportive community of students and faculty can help you thrive throughout your first two years. Metro’s goal is to help you graduate in a timely manner and gain the skills you need to succeed in college and find a meaningful career.

What is Metro?

Metro is a two-year learning community of two courses each semester that share themes such as social justice, education equity, community health, or ethnic studies. Metro courses satisfy general education requirements for all majors at SF State, so you can go on to complete your bachelor’s degree in any major.  

Metro students receive tutoring, advising and support. Metro students also develop strong academic skills. They learn to write and speak with confidence and power, master mathematical concepts, and think critically about real-world issues.

Metro themes provide exposure to a variety of majors

Metro students are grouped in communities to prepare for a variety of majors and fields of interest. Metro has academies with the following fields of interest, with an academy in each of the ten college at SFSU.  Metro also welcomes students who have not yet declared a major or with any field of interest outside of those listed below.

Metro is for you if...

  • You are an SF State first year student getting ready to start your first or second semester.
  • You are concerned that high school has not given you the preparation you need for college.
  • You are someone who wants a meaningful career that makes a difference in the world.  You want to give back to your community and help create a more just and healthy society.
  • You are focused, dedicated and have the time and the commitment for a rigorous course of study.