Each Metro Academy is a learning community made up of two linked courses each semester, pairing a general education course (such as English or math) with a discipline-specific course (e.g., health, science, ethnic studies, child development). Metro gives students personalized support for college success through in-class academic support and tutoring. Every Metro Academy addresses real-world issues and brings social justice into the classroom. Although you can continue on into any major after you complete Metro, read about the different themes to find a Metro academy that best matches your interests!

Business Academy

Business is a vast professional field, with applications ranging from the mom-and-pop corner store to the global corporation. While historical and contemporary business models and practices have brought innumerable improvements to humankind and our natural and built environments, our market system has resulted in the uneven distribution of benefits and burdens. However, business education has the capacity to prepare students for meaningful careers in which they bring core values of diversity, equity, and responsible leadership to their work, their organizations, and their communities in order to address these disparities. The Metro Academy of Business begins the work of bringing together an interest in business careers and a commitment to social justice.

Michelle Toney, MS

Metro Academy Coordinator of Business

"My passion is supporting young adults and building a culture where a difference is valued. I believe in taking a holistic approach and grow Metro’s network of people, programs and tools all designed to help our students, instructors, and staff succeed."


Education Academy

Close up of Alycia's face

The Metro Academy of Teacher Education will support its students in achieving academic excellence while preparing them to become the next generation of urban educators committed to promoting social justice in their teaching with critical and culturally relevant pedagogy.

Alycia Shada, MPA

Metro Academy Coordinator of Education

Working for Metro fuels my soul! I love being a part of a community of lifelong learners committed to social justice.


Location: HSS 303

Ethnic Studies Academy

The Metro Academy of Ethnic Studies seeks to support its students in achieving academic excellence and long-term leadership skills, knowledge of self, and collaborative activist abilities in order to eliminate racism and other forms of oppression; and to study in the first person voice the cultural and intellectual traditions of these peoples that are often ignored or misrepresented in the current U.S. academic canons.

Ronny Batista, BA

Ethnic Studies Academy Coordinator, Lecturer

I was born and raised in San Francisco in the Mission District and am currently finishing my MA in Ethnic Studies at SF State. My passion is to continue to work in the community that has shaped me, supporting student success in college.

(415) 338-3034

Liberal and Creative Arts Academy

Close up of Angelina Moles smiling with teal hair.

In the LCA Metro Academies, students explore the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Within a small, cohorted learning community and a social justice agenda, the academies help students achieve academic excellence. The liberal and creative arts engage the imagination, nurture social responsibility, and equip people with skills to express and deliver the best of what it means to be human. Our students strengthen critical skills to use within and beyond the university, embrace ethical actions, make contributions in their communities, and participate in rewarding and wide-ranging careers. 

Angelina M. Moles

 (She/Her/Hers & They/Them/Theirs)

LCA 1 and 2 Academy Coordinator

As a child of immigrants and a first-gen college student, I know that the college experience can feel like we are entering already behind the rest. But the truth is that our experiences create a wealth of knowledge that cannot be replicated. I'm here to remind us to take up space, use our voices, and break boundaries. Advocacy is the way through.

Health Academy

Metro Academy of Health supports students in achieving academic excellence while preparing them to critically analyze and confront social factors that lead to health disparities impacting historically marginalized populations. Our instructors are passionate about health and teach interesting classes that focus on social justice and are relevant to our lives. In Metro Academy, you will build a solid foundation for college success and meaningful work in urban health and human services.


Gustavo Lopez, MA

Health 1 Academy Coordinator

I became an educator in order to advocate for students that come from similar disenfranchised communities.

(415) 338-3035

Michael Villegas

Health 2 and 3 Academy Coordinator

I’m a Bay Area kid – born and raised – with working class roots. SF State graduate turned educator dedicated to helping students navigate the halls of academia. On a lighter note, I’m a lover of popular culture in all forms. You name it, I find joy in it!


Close up of Michael's face.

STEM 2 Academy

The Metro Academy of STEM - Biology supports students in achieving academic excellence and long-term leadership skills while preparing them to become productive members of science professions capable of critically understanding the impacts of science in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.

Genievive Del Mundo Mendieta, MS

STEM 2 Academy Coordinator

I love to spend time outdoors going hiking, stand up paddle boarding, and competing in races.

(415) 405-0950

STEM 1, 3 and 4 - Engineering and Computer Science Academy

The Metro Academy of Computer Science and Engineering supports its students in achieving academic excellence and long-term leadership skills while preparing them to become productive members of the engineering profession capable of understanding the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.


Chris Yen

STEM 1 Academy Coordinator

My work as an educator is rooted in educational equity, social justice, and building a strong and cohesive community together through student empowerment.

Close up of Chris Yen's face.

Sylvia Doss

STEM 3 and 4 Academy Coordinator

I'm an educator and continuous learner inspired to collaborate with students to discover and implement positive impacts within our worlds.

Sylvia's smiling face.