Metro Academy of Child and Adolescent Development (CAD)

Each Metro Academy is a learning community made up of two linked courses each semester, pairing a general education course (such as English or math) with a discipline-specific course (e.g., health, science, ethnic studies, child development). Metro gives students personalized support for college success through in-class academic support and tutoring. Every Metro addresses real-world issues and brings social justice into the classroom. Although you can continue on into any major after you complete Metro, read about the different themes to find a Metro academy that best matches your interests!

Metro Academy of CAD was developed to support the next generation of leaders for early care and education in urban communities. Students will become strong advocates for early childhood education and social justice through learning to write effectively, speak powerfully, and think critically about early childhood education concerns. Participation in Metro CAD will help participants preparing for acceptance into the CAD Major.


For more information, contact Metro CAD at San Francisco State University:

Phone: 415.405.3949 | Fax: 415.405.2788
San Francisco State University |1600 Holloway Ave. | GYM 109| San Francisco, CA 94132


Contact CAD Coordinator: 

Alicia Torres
GYM 109

Metro CAD FAQs

Please make sure to look through our frequently asked questions before contacting us. Many of the answers you man need have been compiled here already.

Who should apply/enroll in Metro CAD?

Metro Academy in CAD is for anyone who is:

  1. Interested in working with children, youth and families within a social justice context;
  2. A first-time freshman during the fall semester;
  3. Able to dedicate time to school - approximately 9 to15 hrs/week for classes (9 to 15 semester units or 3 to 5 classes per semester) and meet eligibility requirements. See links below for more details.

What are the prerequisites for participation in Metro CAD?

In order to begin in Metro CAD at SF State in Fall of 2013, you must be accepted to SF State through their admissions process. Completion of the Metro application is NOT a substitute for completion of the SF State admission application. In order to participate in Metro CAD at SF State, you must be admitted to the university. Please visit the SF State website for entrance requirements and application.

Can I participate in Metro CAD at City College of San Francisco?

Yes! Metro is offered at both SF State and City College of San Francisco (CCSF). The process for applying to CCSF is a bit different than the SF State process. For more information about Metro CAD at City College of San Francisco please contact

Metro CAD is for the first two years of school, what happens after I complete the program?

Completing Metro CAD at either SF State or CCSF you will be prepared to enter into the Child and Adolescent Development major at SF State in your junior year. You can also use Metro as a basis for entry to other majors; please see an academic advisor if you want to go this route. Many Metro students also choose to participate in the Promoting Achievement Through Higher Education (PATH) program.  Click here to learn more about the PATH program

How can I learn more about the Child and Adolescent Development Degree?

Please click here to visit the Child and Adolescent Development Degree website or contact the department at

When do classes begin and how do I register?

A new cohort of incoming freshman begin every fall. Once you apply and are accepted into the program, you will get more details as to how to register for your classes.

How is Metro CAD different from entering SFSU as a freshman with an interest in Child and Adolescent Development?

Metro CAD is a program designed to give students extra support and additional exposure to child development topics as they relate to social justice and educational equity. Students in Metro are part of a cohort, or learning-community, moving through four semesters of Metro courses and child and adolescent development infused general education courses together. We provide close advising to help students stay on track with their course selection and the Metro courses are designed to reinforce and strengthen the skills you are learning in your general education courses (writing, speaking, oral communication, and quantitative reasoning) while grounding them in an educational equity context.