Faculty and Staff

Metro College Success Program faculty and staffs are a diverse group representing various backgrounds and disciplines. We are held together by our passion for social justice and equity that fosters student success. 

Business and Administration Team

Mary Beth Love, PhD

Executive Director

Email: love@sfsu.edu

I am passionate about working for a mission-driven organization like Metro and committed to education equity which sustains that passion.  

Vicki Legion, MPH

Coordinator of Metro's SF State/ City College partnership on behalf of City College

Email: vlegion@sfsu.edu

My inspiration in Metro is the work of a collaborative team that is passionately devoted to education justice. 

Steve Puig, MA

Metro Program Office Coordinator

Email: spuig@sfsu.edu

I love to play basketball and volleyball during the favorable weather in the foggy city of San Francisco. 


Faculty Learning Community Team

Savita Malik, Ed.D, MPH

Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development

Email: smalik@sfsu.edu

My passion is social justice curriculum development and supporting faculty to be more equitable and effective instructors.

Sherria Taylor, PhD

Associate Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development

Email: sherriat@sfsu.edu

I'm passionate about helping to keep the flame lit- supporting people in not only discovering and living out their passions, but seeing themselves as enough... wherever they are, whoever they are.

Sherry Suisman, MA

Faculty Learning Community Lead

Email: sherrysuisman@gmail.com

I am passionate about many social justice issues, particularly educational equity, and love helping faculty develop their teaching practices.

Celina Gonzalez

Coordinator of Curriculum and Faculty Development

Email: cgonza25@sfsu.edu

My passion is working with youth and providing them with the resources they need to succeed in higher education

Olive Mitra

Curriculum and Faculty Coach

Email: omitra@sfsu.edu

Watching students understand the systems of oppression that lie underneath our societal structures, and then find ways to fight against it is why I teach for Metro. 


Student Services Team

Rama Kased, Ed.D

Director of Student Services

Email: ramak@sfsu.edu

My approach and work is very much guided by equity and disseminating all forms of oppression in schooling processes. I am also the mother of two amazing and fierce little ones.

Jade Rivera, MPH

Associate Director of Student Services

Email: jrivera2@sfsu.edu

My passion is working with historically underrepresented students in culturally relevant and responsive curriculum.

Cesar Campos

Coordinator of Student Services

Email: chcampos@mail.sfsued

My passion is working for social equity within the education system, and improving the success of first generation college students. 

Kayla Jackson

Coordinator of Outreach and Recruitment Services 

Email: kjackla@mail.sfsu.edu

I hold a BS in Health Education, and is currently a doula in training. 

Alex Urbina

Coordinator of Outreach and Recruitment Services

Email: alurbina@mail.sfsu.edu

My passion is to work with first-generation college students and help them navigate through college. 

Daniel Paz Gabriner, MPA(c)

Data Manager of Student Services

Email: dgabriner@sfsu.edu

Currently, I am a MPA student at San Francisco State University. Also a bread baker!

Rose Carmona-Arbulu, MA

Coordinator of Academic Advising

Email: rcarmona@sfsu.edu

I am committed to helping all students have equitable access to higher education and helping them navigate the complex institutional policies. 

Celina Gonzalez

Coordinator of Metro Academic Resource Center

Email: cgonza25@sfsu.edu

My passion is working with youth and providing them with the resources they need to succeed in higher education

Metro Academy Coordinators Team

Mark Bautista, PhD

Metro Academy of Ethnic Studies and Education 

Email: markb@sfsu.edu

My practice in ethnic studies and urban education is grounded in everyday service and interactions with underserved youth and communities of color. 

Jade Rivera, MPH

Metro Academy of Health 1

Email: jrivera2@sfsu.edu

When I am not in the classroom, I am out discovering new hiking trails and looking for the best Salvadorian restaurant for pupusas. 

Genievive Del Mundo Mendieta, MS

Metro Academy of Science and Engineering

Email: gen@sfsu.edu

I love to spend time outdoors going hiking, stand up paddle boarding, and competing in races.

Gustavo Lopez, MA

Metro Academy of Health II and Health III

Email: gus1492@sfsu.edu

I became an educator in order to advocate for students that come from similar disenfranchised communities. 

Alicia Torres, MA

Metro Academy of Childhood and Adolescent Development

Email: aliciat@sfsu.edu

My passion is working to improving the practice of teaching and developing young children and educators through a social justice and equity lens.

Landon Smith, MA

Metro Academy of Liberal and Creative Arts I & II

Email: landsmith@sfsu.edu

In my work, I believe that students will change the world, and that's what drives me to be the best mentor, instructor and coordinator.

Danny Chau, MA

Metro Academy of Business

Email: dchau@sfsu.edu



Information Technology and Evaluation Systems 

Celia Graterol, MPH

Director of Data Engineering & Analytics

Email: celiag@sfsu.edu

What inspires your work in Metro: Our students! Their awesome persistence and graduation rates!

Personal interest: I love being in nature. I love to mountain bike, ski, rock climb, skateboard, surf and hike. And to keep my body in shape for these sports, I practice yoga almost daily.