Metro Academic Resource Center {MARC}

About MARC

The Metro Academic Resource Center (MARC) provides a range of student support services for students in the Metro program and serves as a space for students to utilize for studying and hanging out while on campus.

Tutors at the MARC cover the following academic areas:

  • ACCT 100, 101
  • BIOL 100, 101, 210, 211, 230, 240
  • CHEM 100, 101, 102, 115, 130
  • CSC: 210, 211, 220
  • ECON 101, 102
  • ENGR 205
  • ETHS 116, 117
  • ISED 160
  • MATH 107, 110, 122, 124, 198, 199, 226, 245, 227
  • PSY 171
  • Any writing assignments

MARC tutors can support with a range of classes in these areas; students should visit in person to find out more about services offered. MARC also regularly hosts workshops and events to support students' success related to a number of important areas. Past workshops have included:

  • Dream App/FAFSA support
  • Grammar and writing skills
  • Financial management

Learning Support (Tutoring) Appointments

SF State classes are online throughout the Spring 2021 Semester. Learning support (tutoring) appointments on Zoom can be made through SF State’s online Navigator platform at

Learn How to Schedule a Learning Support (Tutoring) Appointment

  • Select “Learning Support” as the type of appointment you want to make.
  • When prompted to pick a location for your appointment, select “Metro Academic Resource Center (MARC).”
  • When asked, “What is the Primary Reason for this Appointment,” select either “Individual Tutoring for Specific Courses” or “Individual Tutoring for Writing”.
  • If selecting “Individual Tutoring for Specific Courses”, indicate the class for which you are seeking help.
  • If you do not find appointments available on Navigator for the class you want support in, you may still inquire about making a learning support (tutoring) appointment by emailing the MARC at:
  • Same-day appointments cannot be made through Navigator. If you are trying to schedule a same-day appointment, please email the MARC at: We cannot guarantee same-day appointments but will try to accommodate requests depending on tutor availability.


Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm


Phone: (415) 338-3034