Metro Update January 2021

Metro College Success Program’s Administrative Home Moves to the College of Ethnic Studies

Metro's administrative home has moved to the College of Ethnic Studies as of January 1, 2021. As a retention program for historically underserved students, Metro's mission closely aligns with the mission and values in Ethnic Studies, a national leader in racial justice work over the last fifty years. Founded in 2007, Metro is a redesign of the first two years of college to increase equity in bachelor's graduation rates. Metro will continue to serve freshman and sophomore students in thirteen broad career-themed academies of ~140 students, with at least one academy in each of the six colleges on campus. Now fully institutionalized, Metro has grown to serve 32% of the University's freshman and 49% of first-year underrepresented minorities (URM). Metro's mission is to increase equity in college completion through engaging, supportive, rigorous, and socially relevant education—in short, graduation with equity and excellence. To measure impact, Metro's carefully matches our students to a comparison group of like students at SF State. Results show that Metro students are graduating in five years at 10% higher and six years at 16% higher than the matched comparison students.

Further, Metro has closed the achievement gap for underrepresented students by improving both retention and graduation rates regardless of ethnicity or gender, with graduation rate differences significantly higher than URM students at SF State, not in Metro. Metro wished to thank Lori Beth Way, our Dean in DUEAP for the past five years, for her administrative acumen and her heartfelt advocacy for the work of Metro.