Imee Suzarra
I appreciate supporting the students of Metro, who have such rich backgrounds, cultures and languages and are passionate about making a change.
Alycia Shada
Alycia Shada, MPA (She/Her/Hers)
Metro Communications and Special Projects, Lecturer
Working for Metro fuels my soul! I love being a part of a community of lifelong learners committed to social justice.
Arianna Vargas
Business 2 and Education Coordinator
I'm proud to call San Francisco my home and embrace my Mexican and Nicaraguan roots. I aim to inspire students, helping them recognize the power of their own knowledge. As Tupac said: "I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world"
Brandon Diaz
My passion for teaching at Metro stems from empowering under-resourced students for success beyond college. Many view college as the pinnacle, influenced by earlier messaging.
My passion for teaching in the Metro community is rooted in Ethnic Studies and facilitating a radical learning community for students to reflect, imagine, and act upon their passions and relationships toward transforming our world.
Close up of Chris Yen's face.
STEM 1 and 2 Academy Coordinator
My work as an educator is rooted in educational equity, social justice, and building a strong and cohesive community together through student empowerment.
Christopher Pascua
As teachers, we help students find a purpose in their education as well as discover the power they have to make a positive difference in their lives and in their communities.
Gustavo Lopez
Health 1 Academy Coordinator, Ethnic Studies Academy Coordinator
I became an educator in order to advocate for students that come from similar disenfranchised communities.
Ivan Ornelas
My passion for work with Metro and teaching Metro students stems from my educational experiences. My parents immigrated from Mexico and had to work harder than their peers with little to no guidance to get through college to ensure a better life.
Jasmine Lee Giblin Ingaramo
Interim Spring Health 1 Academy Coordinator; Lecturer
Every student has a right to have an equitable education, to know their community history, and to use their voice for change. Metro offers all of this and more. To see students use their diverse perspectives as a catalyst for developing as changemakers.
Close up of Michael's face.
Health 2 and 3 Academy Coordinator
I’m a Bay Area kid – born and raised – with working class roots. SF State graduate turned educator dedicated to helping students navigate the halls of academia. On a lighter note, I’m a lover of popular culture in all forms. You name it, I find joy in it!
Michelle Toney
Business 1 Academy Coordinator, Lecturer
My passion is supporting young adults and building a culture where a difference is valued. I believe in taking a holistic approach and grow Metro’s network of people, programs and tools all designed to help our students, instructors, and staff succeed.
Olive Mitra
Assistant Director of CFD, Lecturer
Watching students understand the systems of oppression that lie underneath our societal structures, and then find ways to fight against it is why I teach for Metro.
Rama Ali Kased
Director of Student Services, Assistant Professor Race in Resistance Studies
My approach and work is very much guided by equity and dismantling all forms of oppression in schooling processes. I am also the mother of two amazing and fierce little ones.
Rayan El-Amine
I am privileged to be part of the Metro community, where students are taught skills and are given the tools to be successful in their college career, but also where they are encouraged to think critically and to challenge all forms of oppression.
Savita Malik
Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development (CFD)
My passion is social justice curriculum development and supporting faculty to be more equitable and effective instructors.
Stephanie Claussen
Assistant Professor in Engineering
I am passionate about creating and teaching an engineering curriculum that supports the success of first-generation students and incorporates questions of social justice. I was born and raised in the Bay Area and am thrilled to be teaching at SF State!
Sylvia's smiling face.
STEM 3 and 4 Academy Coordinator
I am an educator and continuous learner inspired to collaborate with students to discover and implement positive impacts within our worlds.
Tina Bartolome
Associate Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development, Lecturer
I grew up in San Francisco, got my BA from SFSU, and my commitment to education for liberation stems from being mentored by fierce educators, artists, and organizers of color who serve their communities. I am passionate about continuing this tradition.
Virginia M. Schwarz
Assistant Professor of English/Composition
I am a first-generation college student, and I am excited to be in Metro to co-create anti oppressive and equitable classrooms and spaces with students. I have a cat, Mr. Zucchini Ralphie, and I love geeky boardgames.
Vita Paramo
I am a San Francisco Chicana native who grounds my teaching in social justice engagement. I believe in inspiring my students to share and inspire others with their voices and lived experiences to be able to uplift and motivate them to their full potential