Frequently Asked Questions

FAQS for Metro Students

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Metro Academies are “schools within schools” during the first two years of college and beyond. Students in the program are part of a cohort or learning community that works together over three to four semesters, supporting each other every step of the way. Each Metro Academy serves as an educational home for approximately 140 students. Metro Academies are designed to give students extra support and a strong foundation for college success. Courses are designed to reinforce the foundation skills you will need for college success and throughout your life--writing, public speaking, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning. Metro counselors help students stay on track with their course selection for speedy graduation.

Any incoming first year student can apply to Metro for either the fall or spring semesters of their freshman year. Admissions is ongoing and seats are available until filled. Please see How to Apply for more information. Metro students are focused, dedicated and have the time and the commitment to attend college full time.

If you want to participate in Metro, your first step is to apply and be accepted to San Francisco State University, through the regular admissions process. Please check the SF State website for entrance requirements, deadlines and application. The next step is to apply to Metro by going to How to ApplyNote: Completion of this Metro application is not a substitute for completion of the SF State admission application.

Metro has historically been a three to a four-semester learning community of two linked courses each semester that share common themes. This pathway of classes and personalized support is still at the heart of the program. Examples of themes include community health, science for the public good, education equity, and social justice. However, we always say, "Once Metro, always Metro". Because of this commitment to supporting students all the way through graduation and beyond, we now have additional support in upper-division (in the third year and beyond). Metro Upper Division support includes individual outreach to students who are still settling on a major in their third year or beyond, transfer students from our CCSF sister program, students who are close to graduation and just need a few more steps to get there, and others.

First, you will complete your lower-division requirements (your freshman and sophomore years) in Metro Academy. Then you will go on to complete your upper-division requirements (the junior and senior years). During these final two years of coursework for the bachelor’s degree, your studies are based in the department of your major, although we will also stay in touch as Metro and send you important updates.

Once you are accepted into Metro, you will meet with the coordinator and an academic counselor or advisor to create your education plan.

The application process for Metro is separate from SF State admissions. Check out our How to Apply page for more details.

After you apply and are accepted into the program, you will get more details about how to register for your classes.

Metro is a program designed to give students extra support and additional exposure to social justice and a specific discipline of your choice (e.g., health, child development, ethnic studies, science). Students in Metro are part of a cohort or learning community, moving through three or four semesters of Metro courses and theme-infused general education courses together. We offer close advising to help students stay on track with their course selection and the Metro courses are designed to reinforce and strengthen the skills you are learning in your general education courses (writing, speaking, oral communication, and quantitative reasoning) while grounding them in a social justice context.

Yes, many of our students are in EOP (and/or TRIO) and Metro at the same time. The criteria for being accepted into EOP differs from Metro's. For more information go to the EOP website to see if you're eligible.

E-mail us at, call us at (415) 338-3034, or swing by our office at HSS 301!